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Art show opening at The Joinery, downtown Portland! Friday, January 27, 2023, 5-8pm922 SW Yamhill

Parking Garage: Smart Park, 730 SW 10th

Or if you don’t mind a little walk, I’ve had good luck finding parking at SW Taylor and 14th Ave.

Come see a full circle, historically, literally, and metaphorically in the history of typography!

Typography is a hopping field once again thanks to technology put to creative use. This project, however, is not that. My use of silkscreen frames that bear the enlarged characters of a 1936 Smith Corona is anything but high-tech. My emphasis on black and white standard typography is a return but a return that is not the “Same” thanks to Dadaism and Futurism in the early 1900s and the typography of Jackson Mac Low and Ian Hamilton Finlay in the 1960s and 70s. These movements challenged the dominance of the black and white newspaper print that governed society with authority; Mac Low and Hamilton Finlay used color and refused linear sequencing.

In so doing, they wiped the slate clean and allowed me to return to the simplicity of black and white typeface in order to show the authority of that which makes all language possible – the authority of mystery –  the mystery behind language, the mystery by which language is born and creates; the mystery by which our senses of selves are born and create; the mystery of communion through text and image, and in this project specifically, TEXT AS IMAGE. Come check out this crossover of concrete minimalist poetry, typography, philosophy, and memoir at the Joinery, downtown Portland Friday, January 27th, 5-8pm!


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