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My last show was April 17, 2017 at Visage. It featured my “turn” off my manuscript, an unnarrated self, and into my i-series.

This series contemplates the becoming between us as i’s, and multiple i’s at that. These new pieces feature a new focus on the abstract design of my philosophical thought as opposed to my older pieces which tried to “break into” language in order to see its secrets.

While I am continuing to experiment with heightening the visual impression of philosophy with my large pieces, I am also starting to experiment with smaller pieces in order to make them more marketable. New smaller pieces will be appearing! Also, click on “the art” tab and find some of my old pieces now cut down to size, strained (framed with an internal frame) and offered at inexpensive prices.

Once I have enough pieces, I will announce my next show in 2018!



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