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I believe it has something to do with trust:


trust and go

trust and continue

trust and trust

trust and watch

trust and wonder

trust and begin to see

trust and breathe out

trust, breathe in and feel the fortune of being there in the unknowing!

Then take it to the wonderful Matthew McCalmont at Art Substrates for straining (internal framing)


The screens with my 1936 typewriter’s alphabet, enlarged, burned into them are by far the most crucial tools I use.


My favorite art friends: Screens, ink and dryer.

I also am grateful for my other sweet art friends: Primed canvas, ink and dryer. . .


Blue tape - art in itself!

Not to mention blue tape!




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  1. I love this part (the process)! I’ve always wondered. What a pain in the ass, but so worth it! Super cool, Kjirsten!

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