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The process is “patience in the process”.

Step One: Translate the math onto the canvas from the 81/2″ x 11″ original.

Step Two: Prime the canvas and cut it.

Steps Three and Four: Tape it off! And mark where to place each letter.

Steps Five and Six: Ink a letter and dry the letter.

Step Seven: Repeat Steps Five and Six many times.

Step Eight: “Frame” it.

My favorite art friends: Screens, ink and dryer.

Sweet art friends: Screens, canvas, ink and dryer.

Blue tape - art in itself!

Blue tape – art in itself!

Up close look at a letter to be dried.

Up close look at a letter to be dried.

ready to frame it!

Ponder the questions :)

Ponder the questions :)


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  1. I love this part (the process)! I’ve always wondered. What a pain in the ass, but so worth it! Super cool, Kjirsten!

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